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S. Jithesh

S. Jithesh, popularly known as Jitheshji, is a speed cartoonist and former Vice-Chairman of Kerala Cartoon Academy. He has initiated and popularised "Super-Speedy Cartooning" through his infotainment cartoon stage shows named Varayarangu. His infotainment art form, Varayarangu, is a blend of poetry, anecdotes, and socio-political satire with high-speed drawing. Sketching of more than a thousand celebrity caricatures at a quick pace and satirical commentary is the major attraction of his cartoon stage shows. He is recognized as the "World's Fastest Performing Cartoonist" since his ability to speed sketch fifty celebrity caricatures within five minutes.
He has conducted more than 7000-speed cartoon stage shows across India and abroad. As a Performing Cartoonist he is known for his lightning sketches and pictorial speech on stage. He was the editor-in-chief of Chiricheppu Cartoon monthly. Jithesh's interests are not limited to cartooning alone since he has also published his own collections of poems in Malayalam.


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