In this polluted world taking care of Artwork is big deal so we are here to preserve and conserve your artwork and restore it
We Restore and Preserve Traditional and Contemporary also Modern Artwork in Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Gouache, Mixed Media wood Metal Stone Fiber, And Synthetic extra.

Paintings and other Artworks of art often deteriorate over time. They are uniquely created using materials that are often incompatible and react to changes in the environment, exposure to light, temperature, and relative humidity. Others are damaged by accidents, mishandling, improper display and storage, exposure to smoke, fire, and water.....

3H Art Space ArtCare- Conservation, cleans, restores, and preserves all types of Artwork.

We provide a full range of Artwork Restoration and Conservation Services

  • Examination and condition reporting of individual Artwork or entire collections in the studio, your home, or office.
  • Written and photographic documentation before, during, and after treatment.
  • Scientific analysis: Microscopic, Ultraviolet, Infrared, X-ray examination
    Surface cleaning to remove dirt, grime, and soot.
  • Removal or reduction of yellowed or darkened varnish and previous restorations.
  • Consolidation of loose and flaking paint.
  • Stabilization and repair of punctures and tears.
  • Linen, Mylar, and woven Polyester Monofilament linings.
  • Auxiliary Support replacement (stretchers, strainers, solid and honeycomb panels).
  • Stretching and flattening
  • Paint loss infilling
  • Color-matched in painting (retouching)
  • Varnishing with non-yellowing and reversible varnishes
  • We Provide Written Treatment Reports And Certifications that detail methods and materials utilized for each project.