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Rupesh Patric

Rupesh Patric (born 19 July 1979, Kochi, Kerala, India) is a self-trained artist. His medium is the charcoal sketch. He lives in Luzern, Switzerland, moving there in 2015.
Patric is a Software Engineer In 2005, he was employed by Microsoft.
Patric's work is influenced by medieval and renaissance artists and modern surrealists. Patric's techniques include fluid charcoal shading and textural sketching with graphite. He creates sketches with simple contours and lines. His subject matter involves images of characters who tell a story. Patric's work examines the themes of existence through actions and caprices of everyday life. His aim is to give his characters a sense of purpose and hope.
Patric contributes to non-government organizations in India such as Dream a Dream, Sneha Nilaya, Asha Niketan, and Vimochana. For example, Patric creates a desktop calendar each year, which features his artwork, in order to raise funds for charity. The calendars are sold to corporations. 2500 copies of the 2012 edition were sold in the first month of distribution. Patric spoke about his charity work at a TEDxSIBMBangalore (TED conferences corporation) event in India.
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