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Prafulla Dahanukar

PDAF was founded in 2014 by the late Dilip Dahanukar in honor of his wife Prafulla Dahanukar, who was an eminent modern artist of India at the time of the progressive movement. Prafulla had a large heart and was very resourceful in connecting and encouraging young artists and musicians who showed talent and potential also making her a patron of the arts.
The idea for PDAF was suggested by Ravindra Salve at an art camp in Konark Sun Temple. The artists attending (Vidyasagar Upadhyay, R B Bhaskaran, Deepak Shinde, Suman Gupta, Rini Dhumal, Seema Kohili, Jatin Das, Mamas Jena, Amrit Patel, and D N Rao Panighri) all seconded the idea of an art foundation dedicated to their friend Prafulla. When Dilip Dahanukar heard of this idea born from a wish of artists to support other artists, he started the foundation in her name and dedicated his life in supporting this vision to honor Prafulla. He continued her work in supporting the Arts and emerging artists. His dedication and relentless energy brought this foundation from an idea to reality in collaboration with artists and industry leaders. Read More..


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