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Piramal Museum of Art

Established in November 2015, Piramal Museum of Art is a state-of-the art museum with its primary space in Lower Parel, Peninsula Corporate Park, and three galleries in Byculla, Kurla and Mulund, along with Piramal Art Residency in Thane. The 7000 sq. ft. space is a disabled-friendly, public access Museum, pioneering a dynamic exhibitions programme that activates its rare collection of Indian contemporary and modern art.
Piramal Museum of Art has presented curated exhibitions featuring the art works of masters such as Abanindranath Tagore, S.H. Raza, Gaitonde, K. Ramanujam, K.G. Subramanyan and Raja Ravi Varma, amongst others. These exhibitions have been critically acclaimed for their research and their intensive yet lucid approach to exhibition making and design. The Museum incorporates programmes that provide an inclusive and engaging environment to foster arts appreciation in the public.


The definition of museums across the world is changing as art is moving from white cube spaces to unconventional locations. Riding on this wave of change is the Piramal Museum of Art with galleries spread across various corporate complexes in Mumbai. One of the galleries of the museum is located at Piramal Ananta in Agastya Corporate Park, Kurla, another in Byculla at Piramal Aranya and another at Piramal Revanta in Mulund.


Piramal art Residency located in Thane, is a space for nurturing creative talent and providing artists with a forum to interact with peers and seniors from across the country. The artists for the residency are chosen through an application process. Each residency is organised around a particular theme (called a Cycle) drawn from art, history, science, literature or social studies. The residency consists of four studio rooms where six artists can work for a period of three weeks. Fully funded, the residency is open to artists working in the various disciplines of visual art as well as to writers and curators who can contribute to the dialogue and energy of the residency.


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