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Mutual Art

MutualArt is the leading provider of art market data, analysis, and advanced decision support tools.

Our platform is designed to be a one-stop resource for anyone who loves art — from seasoned collectors and professionals to those thinking of buying their first artwork. Our membership plans are just as varied and start from $24 per month. Visit our Plan Page to find out more.

Our Auction Base Database is the most comprehensive resource of its kind, comprising extensive past and upcoming sale prices, accompanied by information on related exhibitions and press coverage. We cover a growing selection of over 300,000 artists and 17,000 art venues and manually screen all of our data to ensure its accuracy and integrity.

Our focus on market transparency is matched by a mission to provide members with information tailored to their interests in real-time. Art  Market Alert delivered via email, provide members with the very latest information on their preferred artists, venues and artworks, ensuring they’re the first to know about relevant sales, exhibitions, events, and related news.

Our MA Intelligent tool enriches this data, providing a visual overview of the global art market which enables members to engage with the database in an analytical way. Find trends, anticipate changes in performance, and refine results according to your own criteria.

Discover what your art is worth in a few clicks. The MutualArt Online Art Appraisals Service is offered for anyone wishing to ascertain the value of an artwork they own and is carried out by IFAA accredited professionals in 72 hours or less.

Founded in 2008, MutualArt now has over 500,000 members — a number that is continuously growing - and continues to develop state-of-the-art analytics software to help you see the art world clearly.



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