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Moksh Art Gallery

Engage. Connect. Inspire. Welcome to Moksh! Started as a boutique Art Gallery in Mumbai’s historic neighborhood of Kala Ghoda, Moksh is committed to showcasing the finest works of India’s emerging artists.

Further, with a promise to make art accessible for everyone, Moksh is geared towards fostering a dialogue around art, artists and its varied consumers, be it a seasoned collector, an enthusiast or simply one with an aesthetic eye.

Curating art stories

Deepak Mehta, a founder of Moksh, started the gallery in 2007 as a platform to showcase the works of undiscovered talent as well as change the perception of art as a luxury investment.

Sharing her father’s ethos, Meghna, with a successful career in finance is now leveraging the strong foundation of Moksh to enhance the consumer experience through a comprehensive digital interface and focused interactive events.

Art is personal

We understand that the experience of art is relative and personal. It is an expression that offers itself as an extension of who you are. Thus, when you embark on this journey to discover your inspiration, which is uniquely yours, we are happy to assist you in getting there.


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