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Element Art Space

Element Art Space opened in October 2009 as one of the first modern and contemporary South East Asian art galleries in Singapore. Our inaugural exhibition, “Harmony,” featured the works of 33 international painters and sculptors, some of which had never been seen in Asia—the marble sculpture by Fernando Botero and the goldplated sculpture by Marc Quinn. In recent years, Element Art Space has been the proud venue for groundbreaking exhibitions such as the largest contemporary Indonesian art showcase in Singapore at the time—“Recent Art from Indonesia: Contemporary Art Turn” in 2010 with 40 emerging and established artists, “Selected Singapore Master Artists” paid tribute to 18 first and second-generation Singapore artists who have pioneered the arts scene here. To accompany these exhibitions, we also offer art residencies to artists from the region and dedicate at least one charity showcase annually. We are a training ground for contemporary art and a space for art exchange for many innovative and emerging artists from the region. We continually aim to be a fluent passageway to artists, galleries, and collectors to the rest of the world.




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