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Dhruvi Acharya

Dhruvi Acharya’s work focuses on the psychological and emotional aspects of an urban woman’s life in a world teeming with discord, violence, and pollution. Employing subtle, dark, and wry humor, the work draws viewers into a world where thoughts are as visible as “reality”, and where the protagonists live and metamorphose by the logic of that world.
In her lusciously painted world, human forms morph to match their mental state, comic book-inspired empty thought and speech bubbles convey ineffable emotions, and memory drawings fade in and out of layers of paint; merging the past, the present and imagined futures. The paintings are based on her drawing that is like a daily journal, a chronicle of thoughts, observations, emotions, and experiences. Influenced by Indian miniatures, comic books, and contemporary street art, the paintings that have a smooth physical surface but are visually and psychologically layered.
The myriad visual detailing in Acharya’s work lures viewers to reflect on their own experiences and sentiments, making the specifics of the stories and the meaning of each image unimportant and allowing for the contemplation of our shared human existence.


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