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Bhavna Sonawane

An artist par excellence, Bhavna sonawane is an internationally acclaimed Indian Contemporary Artist for her unique style of using metal with acrylics to give life to her imagination and fantasies. Its the fusion of metals and it's color along with traditional soft colors which make her style inspiration.

She is widely published for her notable work like Homes and Houses, The Musician's Dwellings, Holy Spaces,  Moons, Lotuses,  Trees of Life, Insect series, the City of Life in a naive way of expression and has her artwork displayed in famous galleries across the country and notable European art hubs like Paris and Sweden. Her work is installed in many properties in India,  Paris, Maldives, etc Some of her work even adorn the walls of the world bank, Washington DC!!

Apart from creating soulful pieces in paintings, Bhavna effectively uses many other mediums to translate her thoughts about this modern world into artworks which ranges from beautiful metal Enamels,  ceramics work, metal Repoussee and in Sheet cuttings.

She writes stories of her travel and sometimes creates fantasies there too and those atmospheres can be clearly noticed in her works Like an amalgamation with various forms together in her canvas. Read More


  • Name

    Bhavna Sonawane

  • Known for

    Artist, Abstractionist, Sculptor, Painter

  • Birthday

    April 21st 1978

  • Schooling / Education

    • Diploma in Art Education ( Dip.A.Ed ) From ‘J. J. School Of Art’, Mumbai, the Year 2002, with First Class, 4th position at Maharashtra level.

    • Government Diploma In Art ( G. D.Art ) From ‘L. S. Rahejs School Of Art’, Bandra, Mumbai, the Year 2001, with First Class 8th Position at Maharashtra Level.

  • Group Shows

    • & #039; Thread&amp ;#039; Abhangwani in Modilipi , Kalaghoda. 2020
    • Deh, Organ Donation awareness at Graveyard. Safale. 2020
    • Shivmandir Art Festival Ambernath. 2020
    • Maharastra State Art Exhibition Mumbai 2020
    • Lalit Kala Academy, Canarys National Art Foundation Indore 2019
    • Beyond the Visible , The Lodhi, Aman NewDelhi 2019
    • Art for Humanity, Charity Show for Flood, Mumbai 2019
    • Vata Kharicha, Charityshow,Balgandharva Kaldalan Pune 2019
    • Badlapur Art Gallery Badlapur 2019
    • Ambernath Art Festival Ambernath 2019
    • The Art of Chess, Kape Kamoryn Chennai 2018
    • Chitramedh, JK Institute of Art, Mumbai 2018
    • Radiance, The Leela Galleria Chennai 2018
    • The Canvas Code, by IOC at Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai 2018
    • Incharge of Space, Magnolias Gurgaon 2018
    • Incharge of Space, Hotel The Lodhi, New Delhi 2018
    • Art Society of India, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai 2018
    • Khajuraho Dance Festival & Art Mart International Madhya Pradesh 2018
    • Dusk, Leela Galleria Chennai 2018
    • Dawn, Apparao Galleries, Chennai 2018
    • Ceramicery , Hotel Aman /The Lodhi New Delhi 2018
    • Bombay Art Society, Lifetime Member’s Show Mumbai 2017
    • Bombay convenction & Exhibition centre Mumbai 2017
    • Khajuraho Dance Festival & Art Mart International Madhya Pradesh 2017
    • The Hidden Art, Installation, Modi Script ,
    Slottsparken , Malmo, Sweden 2015
    • Art of Chess, Apparao Galleries, Chennai 2015
    • Monochromes: Lustres: Metals, Apparao Galleries, Chennai 2015
    • Gallery Art and Soul,
    Charity, Indian Cancer Association, Mumbai 2015
    • Art of Chess , India Art Fair, Apparao Galleries New Delhi 2015
    • Chess Show, Lodhi, Hotel Aman New Delhi 2015

    • The Hidden Art , Installation, Gota Channel,
    Ljung& Berg, Modi Script Poem Sweden 2014
    • 24/7/365, The Leela Galleria, The Leela Palace, Chennai 2014

    • ‘Figures of Speech Using the Written Word in
    Contemprory Art’ Hotel Four Seasons, Mumbai 2014
    • ‘Redrawing the Urban Machine’, Apparao Galleries,
    Hotel Four Seasons, Mumbai 2014
    • ‘Between the Lines’, Apparao Galleries, Hotel Lodhi, Newdelhi 2014
    • Nature in Fountains of Life, Apparao Galleries, Chennai 2013
    • The Written Word, Apparao Galleries, Chennai 2013
    • ‘PATINA’ Apparao Galleries, Hotel Lodhi, New Delhi 2013
    • ‘Shades of Grey’ Apparao Galleries, Chennai 2012

    • Tour Indicus by Casba Foundation, Photography
    Documentation & Exhibition, Dombivli, Mumbai 2011

    • Art & Aids , People AIDS Initiatives,
    Apparao Galleries, Chennai, New Delhi, Bangalore,
    Muse Art Gallery, Hyderabad 2010
    • ‘At The Still Point Of Turning World’,
    Gallery Metanoia, Paris, France 2009
    • Nandan The Art Paradise, Mumbai 2009
    • ‘Living with Art,’Art Auction, Trade Centre Chennai 2009
    • Silver Enamel Workshop, Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai 2009
    • ‘Musing The Messiah’, Shridharani Gallery, New Delhi 2008
    • ‘The Garden Of Life’, Apparao Galleries, Chennai 2008
    • ‘Dance of the Peacock’, Triveni Garden Theatre, New Delhi 2008

    • ‘Tutankhamen’s Dream & The Jewelled Rainbow’,
    Apparao Infinity, Chennai 2008
    • ‘Woman Inspired’, Art Auction Apparao Galleries, Chennai 2008
    • ‘Travelling Tales From A Showboat’,Apparao Galleries, Chennai 2007
    • ‘Ashray’ Charity Art Auction, Italian Embassy, New Delhi 2007
    • ‘Sun’ , Triveni Kala Sangam , New Delhi 2007
    • Apparao Galleries, Chennai 2007
    • Bajaj Art Gallery, Monsoon show , Mumbai 2005
    • Kalakruti Art Gallery, Mumbai 2005
    • Nehru Centre Art Gallery, Mumbai 2004
    • Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai 2004
    • Bajaj Art Gallery, Monsoon Show, Mumbai 2003
    • ‘Viscosity’ Workshop, L. S. Raheja School Of Art, Mumbai 2000
    • Pradarshak Art Gallery, Mumbai 2000
    • Nokia – India,

  • Solo Shows

    • ‘Timeless Lands’, Leela Galleria Chennai November 2019

    • ‘ The World according to Bhavna’,
    Apparao Galleries Chennai April 2016
    • ‘ The Enchanted Forest, Magnolias,
    Apparao Galleries, Gurgaon, November 2014
    • Sculpture, The 102 Sunflowers in Brass
    Hotel Vilasa, (Group pf Adyar Hotels) Chennai November 2014
    • Relief Sculpture, Tree in Steel,
    Copper, brass at Hotel Aman (Lodhi) New Delhi March 2012
    • Apparao Galleries Chennai January 2011
    • Apparao Galleries Chennai October 2010
    • The Museum Gallery, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai April 2010
    • Apparao Galleries, U B City , Bangalore June 2009
    • ‘Between The Lines’ Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi February 2009
    • ‘Between The Lines’ Apparao Galleries &
    Chennai Sangamam Chennai January 2009
    • Apparao Galleries Chennai March 2008
    • Cite International Des Arts Paris, France April 2007

    • Triveni Kala Sangam, Apparao Galleries, NewDelhi January 2007
    • Triveni Kala Sangam, Apparao Galleries, NewDelhi November 2007
    • Apparao Galleries Chennai October 2006
    • Apparao Galleries Chennai September 2004

  • Awards And Achievement

    Master Dinanath Mangeshkar Smriti Pratisthan,Print Making Award, Sir. JJ School of Art, Mumbai Year 2002.
    • Best Composition Award, L. S Raheja School of Art, Bandra Year 2001.

    • Assistant Lecturer, Karandikar Kala Academy, Year 2004-05, Dombivli.

    • Viscosity Workshop, L S Raheja School of Art , Bandra Year 2002.

    • Artist Residency Programme 2 Months, Year 2007, At ‘Cite International Des Arts’, Paris, France.

    • Paintings and in Collection of World Bank Association.

    • Study In Enamel On Metal, 2009, From ‘The Timeless Moments’,
    Navi Mumbai.

    • Large Scale Enamel Workshop on Metal & Steel , November 2010 At Jindal Steel Company, Vashind, Maharashtra .

    • Course in Crystal Therapy, 2011, From Vasturaviraj Vastushastra Education &
    Research Foundation, Thane, Mumbai.

    • Relief Sculpture Permanent Installation. Tree of Life, at Hotel Lodhi Aman, NewDelhi, 2012, size 15 feet x 18 feet, medium: Steel, copper and Brass.

    • Raku Firing Techniques workshop, 2012, Ceramics, Mati Studio, Goregaon, Mumbai.

    • Painting ‘ Sleeping Beauty’ used for a Book Cover, ‘Coming of Age in Nineteenth Century, India’, 2013. by Prof. Ruby Lal,
    printed in Cambridge University Press, Newyork.

    • Drawing ‘ Passion’ used for a Book cover, ‘ Unarchieved Histories’, 2014.
    Translated by Shri. Gyanendra Pandey, printed at Routledge, London.

    • ‘ The Sunflower Farm’, Permanent Installation of Sculpture in Brass year 2014, size : 20 feet x 20 feet x 8 feet, at Hotel Vilasa, Tamilnadu

    • Study of Mody Script (Modilipi, Ancient Indian Script), certificate, Government of Maharashtra. 2014.

    • A Course , workshop in Film Story Writing by Manachi , 2014
    • A course, workshop in Episode Writing by Manachi 2014
    • A course, Geetlekhan Workshop by Manachi 2016.

    • Rotary Club of Panvel, Slide Show and Talk on my Paintings and Travel, year 2015.
    • Invitee Artist of the month and Talk conducted by by Pratibhavant Badlapurkar, 2015, Badlapur.

    • Participated in National Winter Art Camp at Chikhaldhara, 2016, organised by ACAD India, Expletus Organis and Agri Development India.

    • ‘The Coral Colony, Permanent Installation, Relief Sculpture In Brass & Enamelled Copper, Maldives, year 2016.

    • Permanent Installation of Painting Tree Triptich, size 9 x 21 feet, at Apollo Hospital, Belapur, Mumbai, 2016.

    • Participated in ArtMart at National Dance Festival, Khajurao, 2017, 2018.

    • National Artist Camp at Chikhaldara , by Hotel Harshwardhan, 2017.

    • Participated in ChitraMedh, JK Academy of Art, Wadala, 2018

    • Attended Lalit Kala National Artist Camp at Maheshwar, Madhya Pradesh August 2019.

    • Present honorary Vise Chairman at Badlapur Art Gallery by KBMC, Badlapur, Maharashtra,

    • Painting Demonstration in ‘Ti chya Kavita ‘ at Mantralaya , Mumbai.

    • Attended Organ Donation awareness Art Camp, Safale, 2020.

    • Attended Artist Camp, Shivmandir Art Festival, Ambernath, Maharashtra 2020.

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