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Adjacent to the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, Wuzhen is located in the northern part of Zhejiang Province, China. Wuzhen has been named one of China’s ten most important historic riverside towns.Over its long history, Wuzhen has retained the layout, appearance, and lifestyles of the old town. The rivers are lined with well-preserved Ming Dynasty buildings and crisscrossed by stone bridges. Wuzhen also features a unique 1,800 meter-long waterside pavilion, for which the town has been named “the last preserve of Chinese river culture.” []

Art Wuzhen (full exhibition title: Wuzhen Contemporary Art Exhibition) is organized by Cultural Wuzhen Co., Ltd. and was originally initiated by Chen Xianghong (President of Wuzhen Tourism Co., Ltd., Chairman of Cultural Wuzhen). Curated by chief curator Feng Boyi, and curators Wang Xiaosong and Liu Gang in 2016 and 2019, the Wuzhen Contemporary Art Exhibition links global contemporary art with Wuzhen’s distinctive cultural landscape.Read More


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