Invigorating emotions..Yogesh Murkute

“Colored emotions

Give life to blank outlined souls Tint or hue or shade” Traumeria

The current work is an amalgamation of varied experiences, scintillating emotions blended with vibrating colors. I am an artist who puts his heart and soul in the visual and pours of emotions out on the canvas. My intense personality and pure aura make me transfer all my experiences onto a colorful palate. Freud, a famous psychologist has said that; “our unconscious mind drives our emotional behaviors” and the same you will experience when you will look at my every piece of art.

I am solely worked with colors so that my viewers can make a spiritual connection and experience the depth of human emotions. For this purpose, I took inspiration from color psychology that evidently states that colors do affect one’s emotions. Keeping this in mind I made ample use of warm colors like red, yellow and orange, and cool colors like green, blue, etc. I had also used shades of black and white to bring a balance, serenity, and stillness in my works. These paintings have been designed by following a process wherein I went into the zone of intentionally focusing on the positive experiences in my life and then using this physiological arousal and emotions I started pouring colors on my canvas. Therefore, each painting will make you dive into the ocean of invigorating emotions.

Henri Matisse (1869-1954) had revolutionized through his statement “When I put down green it doesn’t mean grass, and when I put down blue it doesn’t mean sky.” the abstraction in mine art is based on these lines because my experiences are very different from those of the viewers. I made use of bold and vibrant colors, I smeared these colors to form various lines and forms which might not be related to any real-life forms or object but balanced in their own unique fashion. My pure abstractions might open the door towards your various dreams and fantasies.

Yogesh Murkute

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