The Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art FICA

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The Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art FICA

The Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art (FICA) is a non-profit organisation that aims to broaden the audience for contemporary Indian art, enhance opportunities for artists, and establish a continuous dialogue between the arts and the public through education and active participation in public art projects and funding.

As a not-for-profit foundation that encourages, promotes and supports innovative work in the field of the visual arts, FICA is committed to

  • working in collaboration with, and for the benefit of, our stakeholders - the artist community, students, art historians/critics/curators, collectors and art enthusiasts|

  • building a long term relationship with other organizations, local and international, including museums, art schools, galleries and government institutions to work together on regular art events, educational programs and special exhibitions

  • developing active year-long public programing with the intention of bringing contemporary art closer to its audience

  • encouraging art philanthropy in India by reaching out to private and corporate sponsors

  • extending our resources to students and educational institutions with the aim of developing art education as a life tool


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