The Faculty of Fine Arts

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The Faculty of Fine Arts

Faculty of Fine Arts was founded in June 1950. For the first time in independent India, a programme of study was introduced to offer UG/Diploma, PG/Post-Diploma Courses and Research facilities. Art was envisaged as an integral part of life for the new citizens. The emphasis was laid on individuality through knowledge of Indian and Western traditions.

The Faculty is situated opposite Sayaji Baug and Baroda Museum in the leafy green surroundings adjacent to Sayaji Gunj. The pleasant environment and atmosphere of openness and freedom are backed by spacious and well-equipped studios. The training program is oriented to one’s individual ability and expression through one to one teaching, group tutorials and seminars, visual aids, books, exhibitions, visiting artists, craftsmen, and activities like study tours and field trips to provide necessary exposure.

The Fine Arts Fair, a biannual activity, encourages and involves students and teachers to experiment and work with materials to produce toys, utilitarian objects, illustrated books, masks and puppet shows to raise funds for students' welfare. The fair brings together the city public and the faculty through creative diversity.”


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