The Antarctic Biennale

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The Antarctic Biennale

The Antarctic Biennale Expedition has brought together approximately 100 participants — artists, researchers, and visionaries from all over the world — to explore and to think about a universal cultural future for Antarctica as a model of other ‘shared spaces’ as Ocean and Outer Space.

The art expedition has started in Ushuaia, the southernmost city of our planet, where approximately 100 participants have boarded the Akademik Sergey Vavilov research ship.

Alexander Ponomarev says that for this hundred the journey is ‘a revolution that changes the vector.

‘Instead of the usual national pavilions — the icy inaccessibility of the Antarctic continent. Instead of pompous apartments — ascetic cabins. Instead of the chaotic creative wanderings —a conjunction with the Great Nature and explosion of consciousness through the dialogues with scientists, futurists, and technological visionaries.’

Each passenger had a chance to take part in discussions, poetry, and philosophy workshops as well as to start designing the future in the Antarctic Biennale Vision club.

But the most important thing is that each expedition member have been an eyewitness and contributor to the art-making process.



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