The Andorra Land Art International Biennial

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The Andorra Land Art International Biennial

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The Andorra Land Art International Biennial

The mission of the Biennial is to enhance the value of the great natural and cultural heritage, with the premise of creating a contemporary landscape, a different way of interpreting a place, a territory, a country… In other words, as a tattoo or make up pretend to beautify the human body, the organizers want to develop a landscape through an artistic intervention, set up in the territory by aesthetic codes. At the same time, and beyond the “in situ” installations, they are open to those works whose references are nature or landscape, whether it be paintings, sculptures, photographies videos or other kinds of installations.

There will be some twenty installations, located around the seven Andorran parishes, both in urban and  rural  locations. A “Ras Area” will be set up with plenty of more feasible proposals, along with exhibitions, lectures, and activities which will fill  Andorra with artistic sensitivity during late summer and the beginning of autumn.

Andorra Land Art is sponsored  throug the combined efforts of  the Goverment and the seven “Comuns” (town councils), through Andorra Turisme, and the Day Star company. It also  has the collaboration of the Parliament, Andorra Telecom, Feda and Caldea among others.

The main goals of the Andorra Land Art International Biennial are:

  • Attract a new kind of tourism, interested in culture, specially at a time of the year when summer holiday season is almost gone and winter, a more centered in ski sports season, yet to come.
  • Raise the international prestige of Andorra as a country committed to culture and art, with a proposal that goes much further of the conventional offers addressed to mass tourism.
  • Project a clear message to society that the environment and the artistic heritage of Andorra are two fundamental values which have to be underscored and its knowledge promoted, within and outside the country.
  • Promote national artists and bring them into contact with participating established artists from all over the world.
  • Engage the whole Andorra society and specially the future generations (youngsters and children) so that art can be understood as an inseparable element of contemporary culture.


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