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Tejas Art Gallery

We do not believe in fixing boundaries for the term ‘art.’ We truly believe that artists are a rare breed of people, who inhabit this world with a sense of wonder. We need to encourage young mavericks who challenge established idioms, experiment with media and technology, and use art as their interface between conflicting beliefs and versions of reality.

Our interaction with local craftsmen in the past decade has led to the widening of our boundaries into terracotta and ceramic art, metal and wood sculpture, and any items where art meets craft, preferably with artist and artisan working hand­in­hand.

Etymology of name

“tejas”: from root tij: ‘sharpen’

Expresses the notion of ‘substance­power’ with distinctive fiery connotations (Puranas)

Carries Vedic connotations of a kind of energy wielded by the supreme Lord for the accomplishment of his cosmic tasks.


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