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Sunita Lamba

My creativity and will power are my two biggest strengths’ says contemporary artist Sunita Lamba who has struggled to be at the place that she is today.

Born in Meerut, Sunita found her calling at the tender age of seven when her neighbor took her to an exhibition. After that, it was her love for drawing and innate talent that made her dream to become an artist.

Very soon, her family shifted to Delhi, and her young world now revolved around her father’s factory at home where metal castings were being worked upon to create new designs for bathroom fixtures and taps. Unknowingly, this created a deep impact on her tiny mind which later on grew in interest in art and gave way in the form of her 3D sculptures. Although her parents were not too happy with her taking up art, she somehow managed to convince them and studied Applied Arts in college in Delhi. She then joined Triveni Kala Sangam to further hone her skills in her craft Today, she has emerged as a successful and reputed artist, in the Capital’s art scenario. She has the rare distinction of being honored with a gold medal for her sculptures in the Beijing Olympics in 2008

She has to her credit numerous solo and group exhibitions where her works have been appreciated by one and all. Currently, Sunita Lamba lives in Delhi and works from her studio in Triveni and Garhi.

About the Works:

Artist Sunita Lamba’s sculptures speak a distinctive language that seems to reach out to the viewer with a beautiful message. The smooth metal figurines rise and fall in a smooth undulating manner, weaving an almost lyrical note that deeply touches out to the human soul. Her works are inspired by her surroundings of everyday life and the existing relationships around her. She also draws upon from the ancient historical civilizations of Mohenjodaro and Harappa which has impressed her and captivated her senses, compelling her to reflect the age-old human civilization in her works.

For any artist, the driving force is his or her creativity which is fuelled by a degree of passion. Sunita’s work reflects her originality and imagination that is poured out on mute metals with such undying passion that they find an emotional expression in her 3D sculptures. Her works have the power to demand attention and awe as it immediately connects with the basic-- the human soul.

The fluidity in her work is palpable and brings forth the delicate fabric of human emotions and relationships with pet animals that coexist with mankind. It is this delicate weave of relationships that lead her to the main concept of her work ‘Happiness’ which, according to the artist, is a beautiful consequence of this delicate fabric. This positive emotion is exceptionally mirrored in her spectacular artworks that blend in a melodious and harmonious manner. She is an extremely versatile artist, having explored many other mediums such as painting, digital painting, and even steel sculpture. However, she finds herself most in harmony and synchronization when she works with the metal bronze.

Her beautiful sculptures have adorned the abodes of many art lovers and her works have been well appreciated in India and abroad.



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