Sher Singh

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Sher Singh

I have been learning this ART since childhood, from my father Shri Hosiar Singh & from College my "Guru Ji" Mr. Neeraj Goswami (Painter & Sculptor).
I am running my own studio by the name of SINGHA STUDIO.
Education -
Done Bachelors & Master's in Fine Art from Delhi College of Art.
My Perception of Art -
As an artist, I always wanted to bring my work close and reachable to the common man. My painting should bring in change and arouse positivity in the viewer. As an artist, I want to bring the unnoticed elements of life around, as to the eyes of the viewer. The elements of my paintings are very common and ordinary yet there is deep meaning & thinking involved making it more narrative & expressive. My paintings are part and parcel of my life, if laid together they give a gist of my life. I want my work to speak more loudly then I can even shout. My paintings can speak thousands of languages, make more changes, meet more people, bring more smiles, and bring people more close to their surroundings. Thus, I can help make people more humble and more human, then, they reflect on the world.


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