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Sekar Ayyanthole

Sekar Ayyanthole is a painter, art teacher and former president of Kerala Chithrakala Parishath
Born in Ayyanthole, Thrissur, Kerala, South India in 1954.
Diploma in drawing and painting GOI (Govt. Occupational Institute - now College of Fine Arts, Thrissur 1975
Worked in Govt. Occupational Institute, Thrissur as Art Instructor in 1976 for less than a year. Worked in Kerala Govt. Education Department as Art Teacher from 1978 to 2006.
Solo exhibitions
GOI Thrissur 1983, Edathanattukara, PGT 1987. Ernakulam 1989. "Aa-96" Calicut 1996. Except 1989 all above are sponsored by KLK Academy. "Ayyanthole -99" at Chithram Art Gallery Cochin 1999, "6th Solo" at KLK Academy Gallery, Cochin 2002, 7th Solo "Bikanir" at Thrissur 2006, 8th Solo "Iriyannni" at Chitrakala Parishat Gallery, Bangalore 2007.
"Dhanu - 53" Thrissur 1977. "Kalamela" New Delhi through KLK Academy at the time of Third Triennale 1978. Twenty KLK Academy Annual Exhibitions since 1975. All Chithram Gallery Annual Exhibitions since 1995. "Impasto-Twelve" an exhibition of eminent artists Yusuf Arakkal, Akkitham Narayanan, etc. at Chithram Gallery 1996 "Inside of Outside" Inaugural Exhibition Synagogue Art Gallery Mattancherry 1998."41st National Exhibition by "Lalithkala Academy New Delhi 1999. National Exhibition by KCP at Kerala House New Delhi 2000. "KCP National 2001" Exhibition by KCP at Venkatappa Gallery Bangalore 2001. Participated in 46th National Exhibition in 2004 at Cochi, by Lalithakala Academy, New Delhi.
Painting Camps
KCP Camp at Thrissur 1976. State Artists Camp at Neyyar by KLK Academy 1977. "Folk Art Camp" at Thrissur by KLK Academy in 1978. KLK Academy Camp at Ottappalam 1979. KLK Academy State Camp at Calicut 1984.,Thrissur 1988. Artists Camp at Peringode by Art Club 1991. " Painting for Communal Harmony" with M. F. Husain 1992. Kozhikode Camp by KCP (Universal Arts) 1994. National Artists Camp "Utharayanam" by Art Club Peringode in 1994. Convener of "TVBN Varnamelam" National Artists Camp by KCP at Kumaranellur 1995. "Chithrakam" at Mukkuthala Malappuram by KCP 1995. National Artists Camp at Kasaragode by KLK Academy 1995. State Artists Shadow Camp by KLK Academy at Kila- Thrissur 1997. Artists Camp at Azheekal by KCP 1997.“ Theerakazhchakal ”at Alappuzha 1997. Neyyar Dam Camp by KCP 1999. All “Prakruthi” Annual State Camps by KCP since 1995. “Brush out AIDS” Cochin by KLK Academy 2002.“Nirakkoottam” Dist. Camp KLK Academy at Lakkidi as Camp Director 2003.“Kalakumbh” Senior Artists Camp Bikanir - Rajasthan, Organized by AIFACS and Rajasthan Lalithakala Academy, 2003. “Varnam” National Artists Camp Organized by Pondicherry Cultural Department at Mahi in 2004.
Honorable mention by KLK Academy for Painting “Anakkara” 1978. Cash Award by Kerala Chithrakala Parishath for “Omana” 1982. KCP Award by Kerala Chithrakala Parishath for “ Omana-9 ” 1983. Honorable mention by KLK Academy for “ Golden Temple ” 1984. Samskarikakendram National Award for Drawing “Bull Festival” 1989. 2014 honorable mention for visual arts by Kerala Lalithakala Akademi
Special events
Conducted “Kalayathra” as KCP State Secretary - All Kerala Artists Tour and on the spot Painting 1997. Hon. Governor of Kerala Sri. Sukh Dev Singh Kang Visited “ KCP National 2000 ” and invited all painters to Rajbhavan for a friendly talk on paintings. Hon. Governor bought the painting “Vishu” and is now on display at Rajbhavan, Trivandrum.


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