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Sara clay and ceramic

Sara Shop is your leading online destination for the best pottery and art supplies.

Sara clay and ceramic products are developed and manufactured in India with utmost care and perfection. Earthenware clay, Porcelain clay and White Stoneware Clay are few of our best seller products online, used and recommended by top line potters of India. Over 300 Sara ceramic glazes are available in low, mid and high fire ranges. Sara's specialty ceramic glazes include, but are not limited to Floats, Textured, Metallic, Majolica, Tenmokku, Shinos and Chun. Sara food safe glazes are available as Clear Glaze, Semi Matt, Matt and Opaque Glazes in over 25 colours. To assist and enhance the creative journey of potters and sculptors, glaze aids and additives like Engobes, Wax Resist, Sigillata, Clay Slips, Bisque Fix, Colourants, Oxides and more, are available online at Sara Art and Ceramic Products.

Browse through our extensive collection of Clay, Ceramic Glazes, Wax Resists, Engobes, Bisque Fix and more and add a spark to your creative expressions.
Sara Art and Ceramic Products are delivered all over India.


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