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Rekha Goyal

“Before clarity, there are questions. Before emotions, there is the turmoil of silence. Clay works in much the same way –before the simplicity of form, there is the complexity of the process; of translating emotion and thought. This is the crux of my work today –channelizing, sculpting, and refining these complexities to achieve the dynamism of simplicity.”
Rekha Goyal is a Mumbai based ceramic artist. Over the last 20 years, she has worked on installations and murals for private and public spaces, designed ceramic products under her own studio as well as for boutique lifestyle brands, be a part of the education space and projects in art therapy and artisanal craft.
A few years ago, she created a community ceramic studio in the heart of Mumbai which is dedicated to the education of ceramics making it accessible to the local community, while also creating a safe space that increases the engagement between the Arts & Crafts and the community to benefit both. Read More..



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