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Ravi Mandlik

An abstract artist, Ravi Mandlik hails from Amravati district of Maharashtra. Though he has now very much become a part of Mumbai's hectic life, he seeks inspiration from the forests in his native place. He also tries to capture the texture of the forests of Karnataka. The talented artist studied at the Sir J.J. School of art and worked there as a lecturer for a few years before he decided to pursue his painting full time. He has been exhibiting for more than 10 years. Mandlik won the international award of the Seychelles Visual Art Biennale from the Seychelles Government in 1992.
In 1995 he was invited to represent India in the international art exhibition organized by the Bendre-Husain Fellowship of the Bombay Art Society. His earlier series of acrylic paintings titled 'Alive' also dealt with the movements in Nature in general but not of any specific object.
In his exhibition at the Jehangir Art Gallery in December, Ravi Mandlik tried to capture the texture of the forests of Karnataka. He makes it a point to roam the forests in his native place. When he traveled to the forests of Karnataka, he experienced oneness with nature. The rocks, he noticed, had textured surfaces after the wind had left such kind of marks on them. They were like bits of crumpled paper, something that he tried to replicate in his work.
According to the artist, his work is based on energy. The five formless elements in nature inspire him to capture the essence i.e. energy. He mostly uses acrylic, which he says, has a transparent quality, and gives dimension to a flat surface. The energy, even though formless, moves, and I try to capture that movement, he says.
The color combinations are usually pleasing, without being too bright. Nor do they clash with each other. Some paintings appear like smoldering embers, some are smoky while some bring to mind the rolling clouds lit behind from a setting sun. Mandlik also achieves interesting variations of textures by using the brush, roller etc., in combination. His paintings promote unusual subtleties and keep a balance between strength, texture, and depth of form.


  • Name

    Ravi Mandlik

  • Known for

    Artist, Abstractionist, Visual Artist, Painter

  • Schooling / Education

    Sir J. J. School of Art Mumbai India

  • Group Shows

    Maximising the Minimal ,Tao Art Gallery ,Mumbai, India
    No Corners ,Tao Art Gallery ,Mumbai, India
    Silent Spectacle. Gallery’s 17th Anniversary Show ,Tao Art Gallery ,Mumbai, India
    Gallery Collection August 2016 ,Tao Art Gallery ,Mumbai, India
    Abstract Stories ,Tao Art Gallery ,Mumbai, India
    Gallery Collection January 2016 ,Tao Art Gallery ,Mumbai, India
    Grand Summer Exhibition ,Pontone Gallery, London ,London, UK
    The Ecstasy of Art – 2 ,Tao Art Gallery ,Mumbai, India
    Infinite: Tao’s 14th Anniversary Show ,Tao Art Gallery ,Mumbai, India
    1999: W/N Millennium Show at London, Brussels, Stockholm, and New York
    1995: Yokohama Citizens Gallery, Japan
    2007: The Ueno Royal Museum Tokyo
    2007: Power of Peace, Bali, organized by Tao art gallery
    2007: International show organized by Articulate, New York
    2006: The Indiart Show
    2002: The Chapel Gallery, Singapore: Maratha Kaleidoscope, Al Diyafa Center, Satwa, Dubai

  • Solo Shows

    Selected Solo Exhibitions
    Ravi Mandlik: The Geist ,Tao Art Gallery ,Mumbai, India
    Ravi Mandlik: Blue & Red ,Tao Art Gallery ,Mumbai, India

  • Awards And Achievement

    1999: the Winsor & Newton worldwide millennium painting competition
    1995-96: the Bendre-Hussain Scholarship awarded from BAS Mumbai
    1992 : the International awarded of Seychelles Visual Art Biennale from the Seychelles
    1985 : Govt.award from the Art Society of India
    1985 : Usha Deshmukh Gold-Medal from Sir J.J. School of Art
    1984 : Fellowship from Sir J. J. School of Art



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    Mumbai, Mumbai City, Maharashtra, India

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