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Rajan Maaluja

rajanmaalujaarts is the ultimate art destination for all your artistic needs. It is owned and operated by Rajan Maaluja,  an individual whose focus is to provide you with the artwork with aesthetics, clarity at pocket-friendly prices. Services provided here are directional, exceptional, and impeccable.
At rajanmaaluja arts, we ensure that you are spoilt for choice, with a buffet of art to take your pick from. In addition to this, we provide you with an exclusive option of customizing your own artwork. This gives the free reign to go all in and make yourself an art that you truly desire.
Rajan Maaluja is a new and emerging artist who specializes in creating beautiful paintings. It is the beauty of a woman that has inspired his art. His paintings have always captured the stunning essence of men, women, and nature. He always focuses on the transparency of the painting, the beautiful light, and of course exceptional variations of colors. His beautiful paintings have been sold all around India and they have also been exhibited in the topmost galleries. In his words, “I have been a professional since the time I came in the industry, but it was my hard work, determination, and passion to do things differently which made me what I am now. It was my own interest which took me to the painting school, art college and into the world of art in all its forms- whether it is a fairy tale or romantic fiction or educational".



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