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Maico Camilo Art Studio

Camilo Art Studio is proud to be launching a new destination in Cape Town: his Art Studio and Showroom, with an opportunity to view his opening Exhibition, called LOCK ME OUT.

Maico Camilo was born and raised in Brazil.  He has traveled extensively, up into Europe, and then lived and worked for an extended period of time in New Zealand and Australia (where he met and eventually married his husband and business partner, Lyndon Bray).  These experiences have opened him up to the different cultures and environments that have helped him explore the larger questions we all face in life: our reason for being.

Inputting together key themes of his opening, Maico is effectively exploring life through his works.  His paintings invariably have complex layers using different mediums, creating the application of layers upon layers (see the series called “Fragments of the Mind” on his website).  In this way, Camilo reflects life in his artworks – the complexities of our lives and the layers we create, through perception, persona, ego, and self.  He explores our attitudes, assumptions, and behaviors.  He challenges our darker emotions and our lighter moods.  He explores order and chaos, black and white, good and evil, right and wrong.  Ultimately, his artwork challenges us to see ourselves within the painting. Read More.


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