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Karl Antao

Professional Experience:   1988-89   :   Graphic Designer – COMMUNICA


1989-91   :    Set Designer and Visualiser –CYCLOPES, Bombay.

1991-92   :    Visualiser – LINTAS INDIA(Advertising Agency), BOMBAY.

1992-96   :    Worked in the sculpture studio of Kanoria Centre for ARTS.

199496   :     Worked as the faculty of the sculpture studio of Kanoria Centre for ARTS

1997-2001   :    Visiting faculty – School of Architecture    


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    Artist, Sculptor

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    born in1966 in Mumbai. He completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Sir J. J School of Applied Arts, Mumbai in 1991.

    Antao has had eight solo exhibitions, 2010- 'Couple of Differences', Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai; Gallery Espace, New Delhi. 2007- ‘Unseen Truth’, Gallery Sumukha, Chennai and Bangalore. 2004- India Habitat Centre, New Delhi presented by Gallery Espace, New Delhi. 2003- Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai. 1999- Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai. 1993- Hutcheesing Visual Art Centre, Ahmedabad. Sophie Duschene Art Gallery, Mumbai. 1989- Lalit Kala Art Gallery, Ahmedabad.

    Amongst the many awards he received the Indian Habitat Centre Award for Best Solo Show in 2005, Bendre- Husain Award, India in 1995, Bombay Art Society Award in 1993 and the Best Sculpture Award, All India Arts Society, Mumbai in 1992.

    Antao has participated in numerous art exhibitions from 1987 till date on invitation, in India and abroad. He has conducted numerous workshops in paper pulp, terracotta and metal casting.

    His sculptures are mammoth creations charged with emotion, an almost unknown commodity in this day and age. Emotions spew out of the larger than life figures with abandon making them seem a trifle trite and obvious

    Some of Antao's pieces hint at an invisible presence even though only a single being can be viewed. And bits and pieces at that, just the hands or the feet or some other part of the torso. Rarely the entire figure. Yet, the alter ego hovers in the air for those with vision and imagination to see it. Never loud and obtrusive Karl, Antao's sculptures convey myriad human emotions with ease and a visual impact.

    He lives and works in Ahemadabad.

  • Solo Shows

    1989 : Lalit Kala Art Gallery, Ahmedabad
    : Duschene Art Gallery, Bombay
    1993 : Hutheesing Visual Art Centre,Ahmedabad
    1999 : SAKSHI. Bombay
    2003 : SAKSHI. Mumbai
    2004 : Habitat Centre (Gallery Espace – Delhi)
    2007 : Gallery Sumukha. Banglore
    2010 : “Couple of Differences”Shakshi Art Gallery, Mumbai.
    2010 : “Couple of Differences”Gallery Espace, Delhi.
    2013 : MIND the HOME (Sumukha art Gallery). Banglore.
    Group Exhibition
    1987 : Bombay Arts Society, Bombay
    : Art Society of India, Bombay
    1988 : Monsoon Show, Jehagir Art Gallery Bombay
    1993 : Bombay Arts Society, Bombay
    1995 : Hutheesing Visual Art Centre,Ahmedabad
    : Cymroza Art Gallery, Bombay
    : Lakhreea Art Gallery, Bombay
    : “BOMBAY” Jehangir Art Gallery, Bombay
    1996 : “HARMONY” Nehru Centre, Bombay
    1997 : “HARMONY II” Nehru Centre, Bombay.
    : Chestar Hewits Gallery, Ahmedabad
    : 25 Years of Cymroza Art Gallery Bombay.
    : “50 Years of India” Jehangir Art Gallery
    1998 : “HARMONY” Nehru Centre Bombay Sculpture Exhibition Chestar Hewits Gallery, Ahmedabad
    : Fine Art Company (Bombay)
    1999 : Harmony Show
    : Flashback – Flash Forward (Jehangir)
    2000 : Embarkation “SAKSHI”(BOMBAY)
    : “Christ the man of sorrow” Modern Art Gallery
    2001 : Birla Art Gallery, Mumbai
    : Harmony Show. (Nehru Centre)
    : Fine Art Company (Bombay)
    2002 : Concern India Auction Christies
    : Birla Art Gallery
    : “Art Carnival” Jehangir Art Gallery,RPG, Mumbai
    2003 : Harmony Show Nehru Centre
    : Concern India Auction Christies
    : Art access week – Birla Art Gallery Mumbai
    2004 : Concern India – Art auction Mumbai
    National Exhibition – Lucknow (Lalit Kala Delhi)
    Sacred Spaces (RPG)
    2005 : Chair project (Sarjan Art Gallery)
    Ahmedabad Art Festival (Kanoria Centre for Art)
    Mobile Immobile (Sarjan Art Gallery)
    Concern India Auction – Mumbai
    Cymroza (Cancer Aid Foundation)
    Ardhnareshwar (Tao Art Gallery)
    ABS Gallery Vadodara
    “The Inverted Tree” Sridharani Delhi (Marta Jakimowicz )
    “Turning the Wheel” Habitat Gallery Delhi (Alka Pandey)
    2006 : Human Figure Show (Threshold Gallery, Delhi)
    Back to the Future (Gallery Espace, Delhi)
    “Bronze” Show (Gallery Espace, Delhi)
    Satyagrah Show (Organizers: Afrikhadi, Delhi)
    Save the Animal (Baroda)
    Samuka Opening Chennai
    2007 : Gallery Mirchandani Bombay
    Goa Show Gallery Grasshopper
    India Fine Art, Mumbai
    Saptarishis (Jindal Steel), Delhi
    New York Fair (Gallery Espace)
    : Gallery Romain Rolland – Threshold
    Ltd. Edn.
    2008 : Salleria Paolo Curti/Annamaria Gambuzzi & Co., Milan
    Harvest (Arushi Arts), Delhi
    Cartharsis, Ahmedabad
    Anthropomorphic (Lansdowne Gallery), Mumbai
    The Indian Story (New York, Gallery Espace)
    2009 : Spectrum (Abu Dhabhi) Bronze Sulptura Show (Sumukha, Banglore)
    2011 : Scnsitization (TAO Art Gallery)
    2012 : “41 Street” Ahmedabad ni Gufa
    : Synergy (TAO Art Gallery)
    : “We Walk” Kanoria Gallery for Arts.
    : “Art Sanctified” Ahmedabad International Art Festival.
    1. N. College of Fine Arts.
    : Russia, Indian Art Exhibition, Steiglitz State Academy.
    St Petersburg.
    2013 : “Equilibrium” (TAO Art Gallery) Mumbai.
    2014 : Lost In Transition ( Harrington )
    : Art Affair ( Amdavad ni Gufa )
    2015 : inBOX (Shrishti Art Gallery). Hydrabad.
    : Goa is not a small place (Kalakriti Art Gallery). Hydrabad.
    : Ahmedabad Art Fair
    2016 : Science Centre. Surat. Curated by Karishma Shah
    : Hyder – Ahmed (Ahmedabad ni Gufa)
    : Artaffairs (Ahmedabad ni Gufa)
    : The Living Heritage (ipca RIA/CE)
    : Tapi Utsav
    : A Dialogue Between Easel And Chisel
    ( IIM Ahmedabad)
    Camp Attended: 1995 : CEAT Camp (Contempory Indian
    1996 : IPCL All India Artist Camp
    1988 : Navdeep Pratishta National level Art
    Camp, Ahmedabad
    1998 : All India Artist camp at Oberoi Hotel,
    2000 : Voltas National level Camp, Mumbai
    2001 : Kerala International Sculptures Camp
    2003 : Khoj artist camp – Bangalore
    2005 : Leh ( Gallery Espace – Fine Art Company )
    2006 : Egypt ( Popular publication )
    Jaipur ( Bronze casting )
    Hampi Jindal (Hampi)
    Hampi Baldota (Hampi)
    . Goa Camp – Gallery Grasshopper
    2007 : Mexico (Popular Publication)
    ABS Bronze Casting Camp, Vadodara
    2008 : Jordan (Popular Publication)
    : Bronze Casting Camp, Harington Gallery, Jaipur
    2009 : Cambodia, (Populer Publication)
    2011 : Kerala National Artist Camp (Gallery Beyond)
    2012 : Cuba. Artist Camp (VICE~VERSA, Goa)
    : Russia. St Petersburg. (Art Mall, Delhi)
    : National Scrap Welding Sulpture Camp. Hydrabad.
    2016 : Indian Institute of Management. Ahmedabad
    Curated by Neena Naishadh
    Live Art Festival Shanghi. Kutch
    Workshop Conducted: 1991 : “Project Cheer Up” workshop with
    Children suffering from Cancer, (K.E.M. Hospital, Bombay)
    : Workshop in clay modelling at a de-
    addiction centre (Bombay)
    1992 : Workshop with tribal children,
    1993 : School of Architecture Ahmedabad
    Paper Pulp workshop.
    : Puppet making with tribals (Vijaynagar)
    1994 : Paper Pulp Workshop for Children
    Paper Pulp and Jute sac recycling
    Workshop St. Xavier’s College
    Ahmedabad with slum children
    1995 : Children and College students in clay
    modelling. (St. Xavier’s College) Ahmedabad.
    1996 : Workshop for women in terracotta and
    metal casting in Kanoria Centre for Arts.
    1997 : Recycling waste School Of Architecture
    2001 : Worked with Children in remand home,
    Khanpur, Ahmedabad.
    2010 : Clay Work shop for children, Vijaynagar.
    2011 : Sculpture Work shop ISB, Hydrabad.
    : Process on Becoming an Artist.
    Fountainhead School, Surat.
    2012 : All India Wood Carving Work shop for MA & BA
    Students, VICE~VERSA, Goa.
    2014 : Musashino Art University. Japan.
    Awards: 1991 : Silver Medal Awarded by Govt. of
    Maharashtra (J.J. Institute of Applied
    : Lintas worldwide silver medal for the
    Best campaign
    : Sistas prize for best campaign on
    consumer products.
    : Award by Bombay University for
    standing second.
    1992 : All India Arts Society, Mumbai Sculpture Award.
    1993 : Bombay Art Society Sculpture Award.
    : Navdeep Pratishtha Award (Gujarat State Sculptor Award)
    1995 : Bendra & Husain Award (Sculpture)
    1996 : Junior Fellowship Govt. of India
    1997 :
    1998 : Young Emerging Artist of India(Reliance)
    1998 : Junior Fellow Scholarship (Govt. of India)
    2005 : India Habitat Centre Award- Best solo show
    2016 : National Award. Hydrabad. SCZCC. Nagpur.
    (Ministry of Culture, Government of India)
    Residency Programme: 2003 : Indian School of Business – Hyderabad
    2014 : Indian School of Business – Mohali


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    Mumbai, Mumbai City, Maharashtra, India

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