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The first Jeju Biennale aims to be a social art project that provides a platform to rediscover today’s Jeju through the theme of ‘tourism’; a theme closely connected to Jeju’s social issues and contemporary society.
Tourism offers a chance to escape from everyday life and an escape route or turning point from numerous thoughts that fill our minds. Making travel plans become the daily driving force and energy in life.
How would it be for those who live in a tourist city? For those working in the tourist industry, the tourist is an important customer for individual and economic development. For those who are far from the tourist industry tourists become strangers who disturb their daily life. When these two differences clash, conflict arises.
The mechanisms of tourism, intertwined with mixed interests within society become the light and shadow in our lives. Problems faced with over-tourism and touristification makes it impossible to experience the positive effects of touring, and have become increasingly social problems that tourist cities face all over the world.
In times where overall introspection and examination is required, Jeju Biennale will try to search for the meaning of tourism together with the local society and artists.
We are now living in times where there is a need for introspection and general inspection towards tourism. Jeju Biennale aims to make a chance for us to find the meaning of tourism together with local society and artists here in Jeju.

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