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Jayant Parikh

It is said in eastern oldest scripture Veda (सा एकाकी ना रे ले एको अहं बहुस्यामी) SA EKAKI NA RELE EKO AHAM BAHUSAMI, that means God was alone so get bored and becomes so many. This is the story of all creation in existence.In nature as per science also first evolved is Amiba (one inderia life) life with one sense and from then two sense and so on human development with five senses and said human can only have sixth sense no other life form on earth can have the possibility of sixth sense except human.
Same way Jayant start his work with abstract (one sense) one dimension in art, then for short time he practices art with the inspiration of Pablo Picasso Cubism, which is two-dimension and in his journey of painting in 59 years as on today he reached to 4th dimension in his art since last 40 years his painting presents the fourth dimension which is motion.
Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton said about the fourth dimension as in time and space there is the fourth dimension which is motion Jayant Parikh had created that fourth dimension in his art, an early history of art there was two-dimension in art, Leonardo Da Vinci started the third dimension he is the first one who painted the last supper in three dimensions and Van Gogh had the fourth dimension in his art you can see all element are in motion but Van Gogh art came out of sorrow whereas Jayant Parikh art is with full of joy celebration presenting 4th dimension in his art, I am really very happy to present Jayant Parikh’s art analyses story here.


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