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Dhoomimal Art Center

Our family was lucky to have Ram Babu as an elder. It was his passion for art and artists which shaped the gallery into more of an institution that untiringly stood by the artists and especially the then young talented for exposing their art. He was a man of rare independence of mind. After his sudden death in 1954, his sons besides having other businesses carried on the gallery with the same sincerity which Ram Babu expressed.

His son Mahender Jain fondly known as Miki in the art world tried to create a global platform for the Indian Contemporary art by carrying exhibitions in different parts of the world in the sixties working with eminent artists like Shanti Dave M.F.Husain, Tyeb Mehta B.Prabha to name a few. He discovered many artists from all parts of India and exhibited their works at different times. He realized that business was crucial to survival, at the same time he could not deny himself the love of art and artists. He dovetailed these two demands of their lives neatly. The large number of rather important expositions that Mahender put up in this Gallery may well be deemed landmarks on the Delhi art scene. His were the days when art or artists hardly had a ‘film star’ status. But Mahender preserved, often against odds to keep his chin up. Then in the process of furthering the interests of artists, he himself acquired, we believe, a fine understanding of the nature of culture. Few thus were the shows he put were not marked by excellence. The works of the same, once less known artists are, we are happy to say, now almost household words. Mahender also encouraged galleries like Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai, 1974, Chitrakoot Gallery, Calcutta, 1987 House of B. Prabha & B. Vithal, New Delhi, 1987 on their onset.

Mahender Jain passed away untimely in 1987, at a stage when all that he had wished for the Indian art scene was coming true. That was the time all his efforts had started to show positive signs and the platform was achieved for the artists. His wife Sushma Jain took over the gallery and dedicatedly worked with the same interest towards her husband's goals. She not only worked with the already attached artists but found new talent and provided them with a similar platform. She was joined by her son Mohit Jain the third generation in 1994.


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