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Located on the edge of the continent, contributing to existing social initiatives, the Biennale positions itself as a rural "off-center" event where creative, economic, and cultural exchange is fostered, offering new ways of seeing and thinking about the world.
The Bonavista Biennale started as an idea among a few friends for a major art event on the Bonavista Peninsula. A volunteer organizing committee was formed to move the idea forward, securing financial and other support and laying the groundwork for the event. The Bonavista Biennale is a project of 2 Rooms Contemporary Art Projects, a non-profit gallery, museum and artist residency in Duntara, NL on Bonavista Bay. This year’s Biennale, Art Encounters on the Edge, is run by both volunteers and staff.
The people involved in starting the Bonavista Biennale live full- or part-time in Newfoundland, most of them on the Bonavista Peninsula. They share a belief in and commitment to the potential for the area, and believe that a bi-annual major art exhibition of regional, national and international note can contribute to a future already unfolding in this new tourism “hot spot”. The Bonavista Biennale is a first for Newfoundland, unique in the Atlantic Provinces at this time, and significant in the Canadian cultural landscape. The organizers hope that the Bonavista Biennale will become a point of pride for both province and the peninsula, and an internationally-recognized cultural meeting place for artists, art lovers, tourists, and residents.

The program will unfold in various arenas and cultural institutions in the city center, public spaces, and traditional and untraditional spaces (for artistic production).
The purpose of Bodø Biennale is to contribute to the development and strength of the professional dance art field and the visual art field in Bodø. The biennial will be an arena for interdisciplinary cooperation and productions, drawing both public and art professionals.

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