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Art2Day Gallery

Founded in 2005, Art2Day made a modest start by showcasing works of a few young and upcoming artists. Priyamvada & Sanjeev Pawar the founder of Art2day, realized the huge disparity in terms of prices and public recognition. Hence Art2day is a commitment towards creating a greater awareness of Indian art. Art2Day creates a platform For Artist By Artist & Art Lovers to come together, It is dedicated to the promotion of young talent and provides a platform for them to exhibit their work along with that of eminent artists. The Gallery has featured a wide range of well-known painters, sculptors, and Folk artists to students of art colleges. There have been several noteworthy exhibitions of paintings, sculptures, and photography.

The gallery is different from other galleries, as it has opted to open and diversify the art scene by breaking the monopoly of big names and mainstream centers to accommodate and collect art from regional centers.

After an extremely successful initial 300+ shows, although still in its infancy the Art Gallery have expanded it to a second branch and activities in Pune Camp.

Apart from exhibitions, several.  art & craft-related activities like short workshops, Training sessions, and lectures are organized on a regular basis.


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