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ART SHE SAYS is the leading digital platform designed to empower women in the art industry through the ultimate curation of luxury content, digital art commerce, and exclusive networking events. Based in New York and London, our mission is to bring women to the forefront of the art world, particularly those who embody the “artrepreneur”—an innovator of the arts; one who breaks rules and disrupts the status quo.

LUXURY CONTENT Keep up-to-date with the latest art market trends, interviews, exhibition reviews, and features on today’s leading art connoisseurs, including artists, curators, designers, art dealers, collectors, gallerists, museum directors, and the next generation of creative professionals.

COLLECTOR’S CLUB Join our exclusive membership club to engage with the world’s most savvy and influential leaders of contemporary art and culture through our monthly salon series, private viewings, cocktail hours, and invite-only dinners.

DIGITAL ART COMMERCE Collect contemporary art by our favorite female artists selected and curated by our expert team of art dealers, gallerists, and editors.

SHOP THE EXPERTS Browse ‘The Gal Guide’ for the world’s most exciting exhibitions featuring women artists at galleries, museums, and institutions around the globe.

ADVISORY SERVICES We connect leading female artists to private and institutional collectors across the world, including hotels, interior designers, and commercial partners.

At a time where women are climbing to the top, we are breaking all the rules and disrupting the status quo of a traditionally male-dominated industry. Join the fun as we build a powerful network to empower women around the world.

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