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If India is one of the youngest nations as per number of youngsters in population, let us not ignore the number of creative young minds and hands all set to express. No wonder art galleries are mushrooming all over, particularly in the bigger cities. Many art lovers are not gallery hoppers and we feel, Art that is well presented is better enjoyed and it must reach the true ‘Rasik’. Art Observer is one such step in the same direction.

Founder of ARTinfoINDIA COM and organizer of the annual ‘Children Art Contest’, Shanker Art Foundation has launched a monthly art journal in the name of ‘Art Observer‘. In which, articles on art and artists written by known art writers and critics are available, many information related to art, information about programs, etc. have also been provided.

Shanker Art Foundation is an independent, national, not for profit, organization based in Gurugram that promoting Art and Artists in the Indian sub-continent and supports Contemporary Art

‘Art Observer’ Monthly Art Reflections published on 15th of every month by Shanker Art Foundation and distributed through courier to among Art Collectors, Art Professionals, the Eminent People, Institutions whose postal address are already in our database who all want to be aware of current issues, debates and trends in contemporary art.

Our Approach

Shanker Art Foundation housed in Gurugram with an objective of fostering a robust cultural art landscape. We are always on the edge of engaging art-based communities and exploring possibilities of supporting artists, and organisations. Our radical approach, which has evolved post-inception, is about promoting new and vintage talents, developing and sustaining art workforce, and partnering with art fraternity. We see to it that with the engagement of local artists and organisations we are responsive to local population artistic priorities. We are technically sound and aim at providing state-of-art online surf and are equipped with advanced data storage facilities. We believe in surviving and thriving by working together; therefore, we as a group of artists, with each bringing in a unique creative prowess makes our ambition more meaningful. We hold that by exploring new models in organising exhibitions, workshops, art discussion panels for the creation of individual works, Shanker Art Foundation is always in pursuit of developing a thriving art ecology that is evolving and dynamic and considers to have a team force that reflects society and involves people from every walk of life. We as an Art concern endeavours this production capability to prioritise effective talent development strategies and be serious about taking the creative risks required to make them work.

Our Story

Always energised to make art reach the maximum and to inspire art creators and beholders this online initiative of our blossomed. Ensued in 2012, when ARTinfoINDIA.COM (an initiative of Shanker Art Foundation) organised its first ever exhibition titled as ‘GRATITUDE 2012’, wherein 33 contemporary artists of Gurugram participated in full gusto. The exhibition was held at the National Art Centre, Gurugram to mark its 33rd Anniversary; Shri Roop Chand is the Founder and Chairman of the centre. Since then there have been no looking back, and we have been on the surge to explore and exhibit talent. We believe that what matters most is getting behind the creative potential and passion and making it to vividly manifest. The avenues are limitless, and we endeavour to bring the art to life, inspiring patrons to discover the spirit of imagination that lies within everyone. We connect one and all with the art in rich and varied ways and explore anew through the beauty and



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