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Art Court Gallery has been transmitting Japanese contemporary art to the world since it opened in Osaka in 2003.
"Concrete" artists who have led conceptual art and postwar Japanese art, and artists who cultivate their own aesthetic sense by expanding and deepening "crafts" into new fields. We will not only support the activities of the artists we handle and strive to store them in museums and foundations around the world, but we will also strive to introduce young artists who will take on the future. In recent years, through publications of works and research of materials, we have been actively engaged in activities to connect to the future by grasping the production and presentation of writers from a critical and record perspective.
In addition, the delivery of works by the artists who handle them and the results of their commissions, as public art in the architectural and public spaces of each country, continue to disseminate excellent Japanese contemporary art to countries around the world.



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