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Arario Gallery was founded by CI Kim in 1989. Since reopening its current space in Cheonan, Arario Gallery has been running 4 branches in Cheonan(Korea), Samcheong, Seoul(Korea), RYSE HOTEL, Seoul(Korea), and Shanghai(China). Arario Gallery has always endeavored to explore new grounds that have never previously been looked at by other institutions in Korea, promoting hybridization and diversity in the regionally localized art world through its active interactions with the international art world. Through its artist representing system, the gallery has been to expand out to the global audience by introducing and proclaiming the excellence of Korean contemporary art to the rest of the world. On the basis of experience in China’s art industry, the gallery currently introduces various works from India and Southeast Asia’s artists which have yet been introduced within the country. Furthermore, the gallery continuously strives to discover, support, and promote artists from India and Southeast Asia, and to spread its influence throughout this region. In accordance with its excellent artist representing system and collaborations with various domestic and international galleries, Arario Gallery is a leading Asian gallery which will continue to devote to expanding the possibility of art and the art market of Korea and Asia



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