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Anil Naik

Anil naik is an alumnus of Sir j.j. School of art, wherein he stood first class first in Maharashtra state and was awarded the gold medal in 1981. He was awarded the fellowship in of art. Anil regularly has had individual shows all over India in many premier art galleries and won several awards and achievement that reflects his excellence in his work . His paintings are in the collection of the gallery of modern art museum(Delhi), Chandigarh museum and so many institutional and private collections in India and abroad.Reed More


  • Name

    Anil Naik

  • Known for

    Artist, Abstractionist, Printmaker, Visual Artist

  • Birthday


  • Schooling / Education

    G. D. Art Diploma First Class First – 1981 Diploma in Art Education Dept. – 1984

  • Biography

    Anil naik is an alumnus of Sir j.j. School of art, wherein he stood first class first in Maharashtra state and was awarded the gold medal in 1981. He was awarded the fellowship in of art.

  • Group Shows

    Group Show at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai – 1984
    Group Show sponsored in Jammu by All India Artists Society, 1985
    Group Show at Bajaj Art Gallery, 1988, 1989
    Contemporary Miniature Show, sponsored by Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi – 1991
    Group Show at Artsits’ Centre, Mumbai – 1986
    Group Show at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai – 1991
    Gujarat Kala Academy – 1993
    ‘Invitee Show’ National Gallery of Modern Art – 1997
    ‘Invitee Show’ sponsored by Bombay Arts Society – 1997
    International Prithvi Festival Painting show – 1998
    ‘Sakti’ Solo Show, Nehru Centre Art Gallery – 2001
    Golden Jubilee Year, Jehangir Art Gallery – 2002
    ‘Appear / Reappear’ Solo Show, Jehangir Art Gallery – 2003
    ‘Idea and Images’ Invitee Show, National Gallery of Modern Art – 2004
    Invitee Show at New York organized by Birla International Inc. – 2007

  • Solo Shows

    One Man Show at J. J. Art Gallery, Mumbai – 1983
    One Man Show at BabaSaheb Ambedkar Sabha Graha – 1984
    One Man Show Artsits’ Centre, Mumbai – 1986

  • Awards And Achievement

    Usha Deshmukh Gold Medal – 1984
    Awarded Fellowship at Sir J. J. School of Art.
    Awarded Certificate in Maharashtra State Art Exhibition – 1978
    Awarded Directorate of Arts Prize (M. S.) – 1980
    Awarded ‘First Prize’ in State Art Exhibition (M. S.) – 1981
    Art Society of India ‘Haldankar Prize’ – 1982
    ‘First Prize’ in All India Portrait Competition, Bombay Art Society – 1984
    ‘First Prize’ in Annual Exhibition of Sir J. J. School of Art, 1984
    ‘Siemens Landscape Prize’ for All India Water Colour Landscape Competition – 1984
    Art Society of India ‘Prizes’ – 1985, 1986, 1989
    Awarded Certificate of Collection in State Art Exhibition, Maharashtra State 1985
    Awarded ‘Prizes’ Nasik Kala Niketan – 1985, 1986, 1987, 1991
    Attended Artist Camp sponsored by Bombay Arts Society, 1989
    ‘State Award’, Maharashtra State - 1991
    The ’91 TAE-TEON TRIENALLE ‘Invitee Artist’.
    ‘1st Prize’ in Bombay Art Society – Centenary Year 1991
    All India Artist Camp by Karnataka Lalit Kala Academy – 1995
    Gulbarga University, All India Artist Camp – 1996
    Humpy Utsav, All India Artist Camp – 1997
    Drawing and Painting Workshop sponsored by ‘Birla Art Academy’
    Water Colour Artist ‘Invitee Show’ sponsored by ‘Birla Art Academy’
    ‘Chandrakant Mandre Award’, Kolhapur 2000
    State Award (M. S.), 2001
    ‘National Painting Camp’, by ‘Swaraj Sansthan Sanchalanalay’, Bhopal – 2005
    ‘Kalagaurav Puraskar’, Kala Jagat Nyas, Ahmednagar – 2007
    Painting Collection in Modern Art Gallery Museum, Chandigarh Museum and many private & Institutions in India and Abroad.
    Managing Committee Member of Jehangir Art Gallery
    Managing Committee Member of Bombay Arts Society.

  • Additional And extra details

    Commission Work:
    Sultan Kobbos, Muscat; Shriyans Prasad Jain; Ramkrishna Hedge.
    Shri. Lalchand Hirachand; Shri. Dadasaheb Dahanukar; Shri Salgaonkar,
    Dnyandeo Sardesai, London; Shri. Talwalkar, Pune.
    Two Paintings on Babasaheb Ambedkar Sabhagriha for Mahad.
    Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj (Portrait) for Bombay Porty Trust Conference Hall – 1995
    Babasaheb Ambedkar (Portrait) – Bombay Municipal Corporation Hall – 1997
    Air India 15 Pantings for their Diamond Jubilee – 2007


    Solapur Art College – 1983;
    Aurangabad Art College – 1984
    Bombay Art Society – 1986;
    Artists’ Centre – 1987.
    Neharu Centre – 1987;
    The Art Society of India – 1987
    Kala Academy – Bombay Municipal Coporation – 1988
    Many Art Galleries Art Institutions and Art Societies
    Present Job:
    Teaching Faculty at Sir J. J. School of Art, Mumbai.



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