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Ananta Mandal

Ananta Mandal was born in 1983. He spent his childhood at Chakdaha, a small town in West Bengal. After pursuing his graduation in Bachelor of Visual Arts in the discipline of Graphic Design and Applied Art with First Class from Govt. College of Art & Craft, Calcutta University, Kolkata in 2007, he moved to Mumbai, India. At present he lives and works here.
During his early phase the little boy started painting the Indian mythological characters and legend Personalities from photo calendars and various books. Later, in childhood, his artistic sense aroused, when he got introduced to a book series of old masters, named “THE GREAT ARTISTS”. He realized that only with colors and brush, another world can be created. He accepted this as a challenge and from that day onwards the journey began which is still going on. Before college, as a part of the journey, with an inner quest to learn more, he explored Sealdah and Howrah Railway Stations to capture from life, the movement and rhythm of different characters there. He also went to the Indian Museum, Archaeological Department to study from antiques.

After schooling, he enrolled himself in the most prestigious institute Govt. College of Art & Craft, in Kolkata. This academic journey gave him a platform to fully indulge himself in his passion for painting. A turning page was written when all his dedication and fervor drove him into a relentless effort to nothing but only become an artist. Read More..


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