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AFA (Art For All Society)

AFA (Art For All Society) is a non-profitable art organization established in 2007 in Macau. Our objectives are to enhance the development of Macau contemporary art, to facilitate local art creations as well as to assist the Macau SAR Government with the development of local cultural undertakings. Our head office is currently located on 1st Floor, Art Garden, Avenida Dr. Rodrigo Rodrigues N. 265, Macau. Besides organizing the solo exhibition of Macau artists monthly, we also exhibit more than 1,000 pieces of artwork, including painting, photography, sculpture, print-making, and video from more than 50 representative and dynamic Macau contemporary artists. Our aim is to provide a stable creative environment so as to encourage more artists to devote themselves to art creation. At the same time, by organizing solo exhibitions, we promote our artists' works and try to introduce their works to the art market.


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