Dhiraj Hadole

Dhiraj Hadole Contemporary Artist

Dhiraj Hadole Contemporary Artist

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Dhiraj Hadole is a contemporary artist based in Mumbai. He is a graduate from esteemed Sir JJ School of Art, Mumbai. Dhiraj rather than engaging himself in emotive upsurges delicately and patiently creates his own language of representation.

The viewer does not see demarcated territories, geometric and patient divisions, the consistent yet a failing patterned grid, or may be unnerving puzzle at play, instead one is beguiled by the colours transforming from one destined frame to another. There is a communication of connecting bodies. They are warm, succulent and fervorous yet underneath they are established and stable. There is convenient relevance in the application by Dhiraj. The nebulous fervor is just tampered and fixated to a specified and defined spaces. The patience and compassion hold their reign. The contemporary forms on the Dhiraj’s canvas are not surficial but they go deep down to his roots and connection with quilt that his grandmother stitched.

India is a land of multifarious cults, customs and cultures. Although the peels have taken a toll, but they myths supporting these customs had been narrated for invested benefits. Quilt is a thick blanket created by assembled stitching of the unwanted rags and clothes of the house. It was generally made by grannies. Dhiraj relates this quilt with warmth he received from his grandmother. Nevertheless, the geometric pattern had inevitably impressioned in him which today reflect upon his works.

Dhiraj undoubtedly believes in relativity.

Article by : Urvi chheda

Artist & Writer


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