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Soul & spirit

Soul & spirit art society is a venture to uplift the creational vibrations of our existence. it is headed by Mr. Deepak Kaushik and has many established and budding artists associated with it. and as we find ourselves amidst a global pandemic, we at Casas aim to uplift spirits and create harmony by means of art and creativity.
soul & spirit art society, a non-profit organization has its roots based on the intension to bring to light the everlasting connection between art and culture. with exhibitions, publications, workshops, educational and public programs. soul & spirit art society intends to thread together multiple artists under one canopy. we recognize and support budding talent and with being located in jind the heart of Haryana provides access and support to all art forms and artists
soul & spirit art society is a non-profit organization that aims to promote multi-disciplinary arts which came to an establishment with an idea to promote young budding artists who are trying to create a niche and wanting their voices to be heard in the field of visual arts. our aim is to create space for contemporary art practice through various interactive events and journals on art and its relevance in today’s time.
we encourage art workshops, events, exhibitions, interactive sessions for the dissemination of arts among the audience.
as a non-profit organization, we look for collaboration with art institutes, galleries, and museums around the world which helps us to narrow down the space between artists and society.
as an art institute, we plan to have an online library that constitutes articles and links related to world art history, philosophy, culture, civilization, and research papers on traditional and contemporary art practice for the students and young upcoming artists.

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