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Ram Kumbhar

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Ram Kumbhar

Ram Kumbhar is an artist who defined his
journey as a sculptor from being a village boy in a
small district to exploring his roots into various
mediums to reach his goal of becoming one.
Belonging to a Kumbhar family that continues a
long-held rich art of pottery making to date, he had
imbibed the culture at an early age. His world
suddenly became more extensive when he
witnessed his first big public sculpture. That
moment inspired him to become a sculptor and
pursue it as a professional medium.
To create pieces that inspired his ideas, Ram
ventured into painting, just to get accepted into JJ
School of Arts into the sculpting program.
Ram sculpts his pieces with strong narratives
around the severe gap between the rural and urban
a lifestyle that reflects in our approach and mindset. With his strong influence of the
earthen life, he tries to bridge a gap to show a reality within the stories encapsulated
through mixed media such as brass, steel, fiberglass, copper, etc.


  • Name

    Ram Kumbhar

  • Known for

    Artist, Sculptor, Visual Artist

  • Schooling / Education

    B.F.A. Sculpture Sir J.J. School Of Art Mumbai.

  • Group Shows

    2014 - The Bombay Art Society
    2014 - Gov. State Art Exhibition
    2014 - Jehangir Art Gallery – Group Show
    2018 - Cymroza Art Gallery – Group Show
    2019 - Jehangir Art Gallery – Group Show

  • Awards And Achievement

    • Modern Art Education of Society Dadar, Mumbai
    • Sir J.J. School Of Art Mumbai
    • Borivali Sculpture Competition.
    • Sir J.J. School Of Art Mumbai (Bronze Medal)
    • Sir J.J. School Of Art Mumbai.
    • Sir J.J. School Of Art Mumbai. (Monsoon show)
    • South Central Zone Cultural Centre
    • The Bombay Art Society
    • Kalamandir Art College Kolhapur (Portrait)
    • Sir J.J. School Of Art Mumbai. (Bronze Medal)
    • JSW Foundation Award
    • G.K.Mhatre’ s ‘To the Temple’ Prize
    - Sir J. J. School Of Art Fellowship

  • Additional And extra details

    2014 – National Salt Satyagraha Memorial (IIT Bombay)
    2012 - Chamarajendra Govt. College of Visual Art’s Mysore
    2013 - All India Dandi Marchers’ Sculptures Workshop 1 (IIT Bombay)


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  • Address
    Mumbai, Mumbai City, Maharashtra, India

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