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Gallery five art advisory

Established in 2006, Gallery Five has been delivering wide-ranging consultancy in modern & contemporary Indian art to buyers, sellers, collectors and even those entering the market for the first time.

Sanjay Kumar Sethia, an art enthusiast and the founder of Gallery Five started his journey in the business of art in 2005 but his art interests go back more than two decades, to his days in London. As most people away from their homelands tend to cling on to their culture and heritage in foreign lands, Sanjay too developed a strong interest in Indian Art and cultural activities in London. Upon his return to India out of passion and interest he carried out in-depth research of modern and contemporary Indian art by interacting directly with artists and collectors for over a year. This progressed to an organized group show of 100 artists in 2006 at the Lalit Kala Academy which was well attended and much appreciated.


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